Current Litter

Poppy and Conan Puppies
Born 09/23/2018
A beautiful litter of 11 little sweet potatoes
Willow and Rufus Litter
Born 09/26/2018
4 Perfect Puppies
*Willow is now also the proud Foster mom of three of Poppy's pups. Since she only had 4 and Poppy had 11 we thought we would see if she would accept three of Poppy's boys. She being a super mom took to them right away. So Poppy is raising 8 and Willow is raising 7. It may cause some confusion when we post pictures but be sure we can tell them apart 
Gracie and Rufus Litter
8 Wonderful Puppies
Born: 10/06/18
We Have Three Current Litters :   
Poppy and Conan
Willow and Rufus
Gracie and Rufus