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Our Girls
Our beautiful Willow.
Here is our spunky and playful Poppy
Willow is out of our girl Penny and our boy Caboose. She is a petite girl like her mom measuring 20 inches at the Shoulder and between 35 and 37lbs. She is very gentle and sweet as well as being outgoing and confident. just like her sire Caboose. She has very nice structure being a nice square with a great topline and tailset. So far she has kept her deep mahogany color. Her temperament is rock solid. 
Poppy is out of Lola and Caboose. She is very confident and outgoing. More like her grand sire Coana than her sire Caboose. She is great with kids, dogs, etc... Very solid temperament. She can be a bit on the willful side but is eager to please and easy to train. She is the same size as her dam about 22-23 inches at the shoulder and about 45lbs. Poppy is a sweetheart full of fun. 

Gracie is a Willow/Conan daughter. She had beautiful structure and moves like the wind. She is a taller girl unlike her mother Willow who is a petite 20 inches, Grace is 24 inches at the shoulder. She does have her mother and grandmothers beautiful face and graceful bearing. Her temperament is very out going and friendly. She is confident like her father Conan but not aggressive. We think she is a beautiful combination of mom and dad. We love this girl and expect some beautiful puppies to carry on our line into the future.
Lovely Gracie
Precious Amber 
Amber comes to us from Christine Cobb (Philchuck poodles) here in Washington. We got this beautiful little girl to bring in some genetic diversity. She has a beautiful pedigree going back to the original Palmares line. Amber is a beautiful dark apricot, the color of amber and should throw red and dark apricot. She has outstanding structure with a beautiful top line and tail set. Her temperament is friendly and out going. She loves to be with her people but is not a Velcro dog. She is just happy being with everyone. She is great children and other dogs. We just love this girl.