Short background of the red standard poodle

The red standard poodle started out as collaboration between two kennels, The Palmares kennel and Shangri-La. Majestic line is another major line which is a close offshoot of Shangri-La.

Red already existed in the miniature variety. To bring it to the Standards these two kennels got together and crossed a red mini with a standard apricot. After many generations and a lot of hard work we have the beautiful red standards you see today. When looking for a true red standard you should make sure that their pedigree goes back to one of these three kennels, Palmares, Shangri-La, or Majestic. They are really the foundation lines for good red standards.

Our goal is to produce intelligent Poodles with beautiful conformation and the calm friendly temperament that Poodles are known for. We strive for dark red non-fading standard poodles but no one can guarantee that a poodle won't fade over time. However you have a better chance that they will hold their color if the Poodle has at least one of the above mentioned kennels in their pedigree, as well as looking at the sire and dam, If they are still red there is a good chance that their pups will hold their color as well.

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