Poodle Health Raw Food Diet, NuVet Vitamins and Vaccinations Nutrition for a long healthy life our top priority. After my father lost his dog to tainted dog food from China in the early 2000’s, we decided to really dig in and research many alternatives to kibble. We decided on feeding a Raw diet based on


Short Background of the red standard poodle The history on the Red Standard Poodle you will find on the internet read like this. It took many years to achieve the quality and conformation that we see in the red standard poodles of today. The concept of developing a red standard poodle was first conceived by Ilse


Pups in their new homes Forever In My Heart Although I am not their ownerI cared for them each dayI cuddled, hugged and loved themand joined them in their playI saw each new accomplishmentand helped them grow and learnand when they came to me for comfort I kissed them with concernNo I am not their owner but


2016 Puppy Parties Penny Caboose Puppy Party 2015


Ginger/Rojo pups 2010 Ginger/Conan Pups 2011 Ginger/Conan 2012 Penny/Conan 2012 Ginger/Conan 2013   2014 Lola/Caboose Penny/Caboose 2015 Penny/Conan 2016 Lola/caboose 2016 More updates to come!


This is our girl Penny,  She is a stunning smaller girl. Standing at 20 inches at the shoulder and weighing about 37lb. She is very balanced front to back a very pretty package. Penny is a real love bug and if she had her way would always be in your lap or next to you. TestingChic #


Check out our Studs! Conan, Caboose, and Rufus Meet Conan,  Gingerbreds Red Dragon, This boy has an awsome temperment, friendly outgoing and very confident. We can take him anywhere and he feels right at home, wether it’s a dog show, street fair or the corner coffee shop. He loves people and other dogs and is hands


Bay Her name is means red headed girl. Bay loves to be active and is amazingly fast. She is a love bug and likes settle down to cuddle whenever you want to chill. Her mother is Lola and her father is Conan, you can see them both on our website. Bay brings so much joy


Our Girl Gingersnap Noel in memorial 11/2007-3/2017   Our girl Ginger started it all. She is the foundation of our line. Ginger is retired now and enjoying bossing around the grand pups. She is very much a people dog. She loves to smile and show off. Ginger does not like to be dirty. She is

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