Check out our Studs! Conan, Caboose, and Rufus

Profile shot of stud dog Conan lightly panting, behind him is a bookcase

Meet Conan,  Gingerbreds Red Dragon,

This boy has an awsome temperment, friendly outgoing and very confident. We can take him anywhere and he feels right at home, wether it’s a dog show, street fair or the corner coffee shop. He loves people and other dogs and is hands down the smartest dog I have ever owned. He was learing tricks like , sit pretty, roll over, as well as basic obiedience comands as early as 10 weeks! He is from Majestic lines and stands 26′ as the sholder. I expect puppies from him to have great temperments, brains, and beauty.
Profile shot of stud dog Rufus standing on green grass he is resting his head on the hand of someone standing behind him

Our Handsome boy,  Rufus

Rufus comes to us from Cindy Paul (Cinnfully sweet standards) in California. He is a beautiful deep mahogany red with black nose. He has beautiful structure and has passed all the health testing we have done. His temperament is very layed back and sweet, gets along with other dogs and pets. His favorite place is on the couch with his head in our lap. We just love this boy.